Wealth Management

Managing the Relationship
Between Life and Money

Traditional models approach planning as a client-initiated process that is only done after an event has occurred. This is not good enough for OMG. To achieve best outcomes, OMG clients receive a proactive, comprehensive approach. OMG plans are managed through a generation. We collaborate with your other professional advisors to ensure your financial plan integrates with your income plan, your investment management plan, your estate plan, your philanthropic plan and your personal and professional succession plan. We measure our progress to this plan. We provide proof, not promises.

We believe the best way to define the value of OMG planning is to tell you what it is not...

1Financial Planning
An OMG financial plan is not just a static document or a retirement plan. In order to clarify and quantify your goals, we must first help you understand your current capacity and then help you determine your possibilities. An OMG financial plan propels you from idea to action.
2Investment Management Planning
An OMG investment management plan is not just asset selection and monitoring. Investment strategies should be both prudent and aspirational. An OMG investment management plan integrates risk, tax, financial goals, asset selection and investment platform to achieve your best possible outcome.
3Estate Planning
An OMG estate plan is not just a will. Building wealth is a lifelong endeavor. We help you maximize distribution to your family, friends and community throughout your life and at your passing. OMG works with your accounting and legal professionals to ensure this process occurs in the most tax efficient manner and integrates with all other aspects of your financial plan.
4Income Planning
An OMG income plan is not just a budget. It is our belief that the people managing your financial assets must be actively involved with the ongoing maintenance and review of your taxation strategy. Our financial analysts and tax specialist team will integrate the design of your portfolio to address your resources, capital and income to minimize tax.
5Succession Planning
An OMG succession plan is not just a shareholders agreement. We help business owners map the issues that might affect the transfer of their companies. We work with your legal and accounting advisers to ensure the plan is achievable and structurally sound. Our proactive approach to personal succession ensures that all of your financial affairs are prepared for a seamless transition.
6Philanthropic Planning
An OMG philanthropic plan is not just a schedule of charitable donations. Many OMG clients play significant roles in their communities. Managing the competing requests from many great causes requires a proactive approach. An OMG integrated philanthropic plan reduces the cost of charitable giving, matches the timing of your donations to your lifestyle goals, and maximizes the return for you and your community.
Your OMG Wealth
Management Team
Managing the Relationship
Between Life and Money

Our power is in our people. We do not believe that a single point of contact can achieve your best outcomes. That is why the OMG model is the inverse of the industry. We have four to seven people actively working on each file and have designed each OMG office to provide our clients with immediate access to best-in-class specialists.

Every wealth management plan is developed with the expertise of our advisors. Please get to know more about the background, education, accreditation and experience of your OMG Wealth Management Advisor.